Water use – the data and the analysis

Most Cardiff allotments have access to a mains water supply, and water bills make up a large part of the allotments service’s expenses.  A group of plot holders volunteered to have a closer look at water use, hoping to find ways to save water and save money.

We presented our first report to the Site Secretaries’ Meeting on 22nd April 2015.  Our analysis was based only on records of Welsh Water’s meter readings, taken from the water bills.  We calculated:

  • the average daily water consumption over as long a period as we could
  • the average daily consumption over the most recent full year
  • The ratio of the two averages (to highlight significant changes in water use)
  • The average consumption per plot, per perch etc, so that we could compare water use between big sites and small sites in a meaningful way

Were able to identify several sites which were using much more water than expected, where there was potential for signifcant savings.

Summary of analysis (pdf)

For those who are interested in how we carried out the analysis, or want to carry out their own analysis of the data, here is the original spreadsheet:

Analysis of water use (MS Excel format)

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