Draft Minutes of CAHA Ltd Members’ Meeting on 26th October 2016

Draft Minutes of CAHA Ltd Members’ Meeting on 26th October 2016


John Jones (College Farm), Nina Ley (Porthamal Road), Judith Hill (Lady Mary), Penny Owen, Allan Bond (Rhydypenau), Philip Green (Allensbank), David Jackson (Llanishen), Julian Goss, Sue Wilshere Finch (Colchester Avenue), Steve Taylor, Lynne Lewis (Llandaff North), Marion Ham, Steph Jones (Flaxland Avenue), Sue Harrison, Teresa Williams (Lon y Deri), Terry Cooper (Forest Farm), Alan McCoy (South Rise Leisure Gardens), Mark Bodenham (Fairwater), Cllr Gareth Holden

  1. Apologies

Paul Williams, Dawn Gibbens, Ray Edwards, John Evans, Chris Dibble

  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising The Minutes were agreed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Item 5 – Web Officer

Joshua from Allensbank had been contacted after his name had been suggested by PG. TC to ask for volunteers from his Site.

  1. Local Management Agreements

A McC, Cllr Holden, JG, met with Committee representatives from Elgar Crescent Site. They have agreed to sign an LMA for one year. Progress is being made with Llandaff Fields.

PG had thought their Agreement would be signed by September, agreed to send a letter of support from CAHA if required.

  1. Update on Proposal for Self-Management

The Proposal is being held in abeyance until after the Council elections in May 2017.

Cllr Gareth Holden joined the meeting.

  1. Report from Water Committee

LL reported on the meeting with a representative of Welsh Water who was very enthusiastic about the possibility of working with the Association to explore ways of using non-potable water on Sites. It was agreed that one Site could be used to explore the methodology of Site Surveys to identify water resources. It was agreed that Forest Farm be chosen for this purpose. The Committee was awaiting further information from Welsh Water.

  1. RHS Working Group update

A report was given by ST. This Group has held 2 productive meetings to discuss the RHS Stand in the Learn and Grow Tent with the purpose of promoting CAHA and allotments in Cardiff. There is to be a Questionnaire, a Map of Sites and their location in the City with information about them, photo displays, a Guess the Weight allotment cake, Lego games for children. The Stand aims to be as interactive as possible to spark interest.

The Show has approx. 25,000 visitors 83% of whom are women, mostly in the 55 – 70 age group in the A, B, C sociological groups. This is different from the gender balance on Sites which tends to be weighted towards males.

The Group needs interesting as well as weird and wonderful photos, growing tips, information about each Site. Growing plants will also be needed.

As the Stand will incur costs it was suggested that a contribution be asked from sites for this project with a figure of £50.00 for large Sites and a pro rata contribution from smaller Sites.

LL asked the Meeting’s opinion on sponsorship. After a short discussion it was agreed that sponsorship could be sought.

Volunteers will be needed to staff the Stand, the advantage of doing this is FREE ENTRY to the show!

PO left the meeting.

Rhydypenau, Lady Mary, Lon y Deri and Porthamal Road have all joined the National Garden Scheme to open their Sites in Summer 2017. This will be another opportunity to advertise allotments.

  1. CAHA publicity materials

LL described the publicity materials that are needed to advertise CAHA Ltd for the RHS Stand and asked the approval of the meeting to go ahead with organising them. This was agreed.

  1. Progress on Induction Booklet

There have been 3 meetings to date to discuss new booklets as the current ones are out of date. AMc has used the Brighton and Hove booklet as an example and altered it to fit with our requirements. He hope to have a Draft prepared by the AGM in January with publication planned for April. The NAS information has been very useful as well as the Procedures compiled by Francis Mullins.

GH has visited all Sites and received positive and negative feedback. Sites are pursuing joint initiatives e.g Forest Farm & Birchgrove buying in bulk.

  1. Priority issues on Allotment Sites

For information – if Site Reps take pictures of uncultivated plots and send to the Allotment Officer (CH) she will not renew tenancies.

The locks have been fixed on Flaxland Avenue.

GH needs copies of LMAs so that the Council can be held accountable legally for their part of the Agreement. Very little has been done on Sites and constant pressure needs to be applied with GH copied in to all correspondence. He needs to be aware of problems as very little maintenance is being done. A priority is re-engagement with CH.

There is a massive decline in waiting lists which is part of the cyclical nature of allotments. The RHS Stand will hopefully address this situation.

DJ reported that Llanishen had been promised support from CH which had not been received.

The Tree Policy has been distributed. All trees of 3m and under can be dealt with by Site Associations.

  1. Disability Access on Sites Rhydypenau has a connection with the RNIB.

     Leckwith likewise with Taff Housing.

The Council has a legal duty to make provision for disability access but will only consider it if asked for. There is a conflict between the Allotment Acts and the Disability Act as there is only a requirement under the former to provide land.

Agreed that this issue would be raised at the Site Reps meeting.

  1. AOB
    1. Do not use current forms for plot letting.
    2. The Nursery in Bute Park is producing plants and sundries for sale.
    3. SJ – the map of Sites on the Council website is difficult to read.
    4. DJ asked about leaf collection in the Autumn. GH to pursue.


  2. Date of Next Meeting – 25th January 2017 19.00 AGM – starting at 18.30.