Minutes of Annual General Meeting of CAHA 27th January 2016


Paul Williams (Heol Chappell), Mac Burrows & Lynne Lewis – Secretary (Llandaff North), Nina Ley (Porthamal Road), Judith Hill (Lady Mary), Philip Green (Allensbank), Tim Haughton & Steve Watkeys (Leckwith Droves), Teresa Williams & Sue Harrison (Lon y Deri), Dawn Gibbens (Lynton Terrace), Claire Edwards (Observer) & Penny Owen (Rhydypenau), Roy Jones (Birchgrove), Ron Wiltshire (Highfields), Stephanie Jones & Marion Ham (Flaxland Ave), Mark Bodenham (Fairwater), Huw Barrows (Colchester Avenue), Francis Mullins – Treasurer (Forest Farm), Alan McCoy – Chairperson (South Rise)

  1. Apologies

Chris Dibble, Terry Cooper, Roger Williams, Allan Bond

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising

The Minutes were agreed as a true record and there were no matters arising.

  1. Chairperson’s Report

Alan McCoy thanked CAHA members and the Executive Committee for their contributions and commitment during the past year. He went on to detail the work achieved in this period, which follows:


  1. We have worked hard to encourage allotment sites to join CAHA, and the number of sites who belong has risen from 18 to 26 out of a total of 28 sites. We would like to welcome all these new sites and hope that you find being members of CAHA helps in the day to day management of your site. Council encouraged by this unified approach.
  2. At our suggestion the quarterly site secretaries meetings are now chaired by Councillor Gareth Holden, Cardiff Council’s Community Growing Champion. Gareth has worked very hard to improve how our allotment sites are managed and we would like to thank him for all that he has done for allotments in Cardiff.
  3. Also at our suggestion a water sub-committee has been set up. This committee has been very successful in identifying and getting major water leaks fixed and improving the water infra structure at a number of sites. All of this has resulted in a very significant decrease in allotment water bills, which in turn means that our plot rents do not have to increase as much.
  4. We have asked for the return of the presentation of the Council’s allotment income and expenditure accounts at the quarterly site secretaries meetings to allow plot holders to see how their rental monies are being spent.
  5. An interim LMA has been signed by 11 sites, this LMA has 3 levels so allowing more flexibility for allotment sites in the degree of responsibility that they can take on for managing their sites.
  6. A ” Top 3 ” list of priorities for the Council has been introduced for Site Secretaries’ meetings, and this has led to the successful clearance of asbestos from allotment sites after many year of asking.
  7. The Council have at last agreed that we can now let out a range of plot size, from the full size 10 perch plot through half size and quarter size plots to single perch raised beds. This helps plot holders stay on the site should they get health problems and allows site secretaries to offer smaller plots to any tenants struggling with a larger plot.
  8. A CAHA website has been set up.
  9. The CAHA Constitution has been updated & re-written
  10. Following the unanimous decision at the last CAHA meeting we have made progress on CAHA becoming an incorporated organisation and registering an interest with the Council to take over the management of allotments. There will be more information on this and an opportunity to discuss it in the meeting that follows this AGM.
  11. Made representation to Scrutiny Committee regarding current Allotment Management
  12. Future meetings arranged to outline CAHA alternative strategy for Allotment Management

Lynne Lewis updated the meeting on item 10 above. All necessary documents have been signed and sent to Co-ops UK which is the sponsoring organisation progressing our incorporation. They, in turn, will send the paperwork to the Financial Conduct Authority who will regulate us. We have also claimed charitable status from HMRC. The documents are expected to be completed during February.

  1. Secretary’s Report

This past year has been busy and challenging and I would like to say a big thank you to colleagues on the Executive Committee, as well as Members, for their help and understanding while I embarked on my steep learning curve in the role of Secretary.

Without repeating the detail of the Chairperson’s Report I have endeavoured to progress the work of the organisation by:

  • compiling and distributing Agendas and Minutes of Meetings
  • corresponding with Council Officers
  • arranging Meetings with Operational Managers and Councillors
  • speaking with Cardiff Councillors and Assembly Members
  • representing the Organisation at an Environment Conference
  • progressing the formation of the BenCom
  • liaising with non-CAHA members.

I think we have achieved an enormous amount in a short space of time; I am looking forward to this next year when we can progress the interests of the allotment community in Cardiff and build on our work to date.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Francis reported very small activity on the account and confirmed that we have reserves of £826.03. He was not recommending a rise in subscriptions as we are currently unsure of the outcome of discussions with the Council. He has explored accountancy packages for the invoicing of rents and is confident that he has identified one that will suit our purposes.

The accounts were agreed by the Meeting.

  1. Election of Officers

The current officers, with the exceptions of Steve Watkeys (Deputy Chair) and Paul Williams (Deputy Secretary), were prepared to stand for a second term of office. They were re-elected unopposed.

Alan McCoy asked members to consider standing for the vacant posts as an introduction to the work of the organisation.

  1. Adoption of new CAHA Constitution

The new Constitution, circulated to members during 2015, was offered to membership for adoption. Judith Hill had submitted it to NAS for scrutiny who had replied that it is a very good example of a set of rules.

Teresa Williams proposed its adoption, this was seconded by Steve Watkeys and agreed unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Any Other Business

There were no items to discuss.

The meeting ended at 18.55.