Minutes of CAHA Ltd Annual General Meeting 16th October 2018

  Apologies:    Sue Wilshire, Chris Dibble, Katrina Couper, Paul Williams, Dawn Gibbens.                              Nina Ley apologised for arriving late.


Chair: Steve Watkeys
Secretary: Julian Goss
Treasurer: Gareth Holden
Deputy Chair/Sec: Sue Harrison.
Other Committee members:  Judith Hill and John Hughes.

Bank Account:

The latest balance shows £594.10.  It was agreed to close the HSBC account and open a new account which was more accessible.


It was agreed to close down the Community Benefit Organisation, which had  originally been set up when we hoped to be able to take over the running of all the allotment sites in Cardiff, and to return to a constituted body. This will save the cost of registration and maintenance fees each year.

Name Change:

A motion to change the name of CAHA to ‘Cardiff Allotments Federation’, in order to align us more closely with the National Allotment Society was heavily defeated. The meeting decided that nothing could be gained by such a move.


It was nevertheless unanimously agreed to seek closer links with NAS, as a Federation. Such a move would give us their legal services, access to their courses, and the ability to bulk-buy their seeds (at very cheap prices). They would want us to encourage all sites to join NAS. This costs £3 a head, but not all plot holders would have to join, as long as at least 10 did so.