Minutes of CAHA Ltd Annual General Meeting 25th January 2017

Present: Steve Taylor, Lynne Lewis (Llandaff North), Chris & Jim Dibble (Elgar Crescent), Sue Harrison, Teresa Williams (Lon y Deri), Roy Jones (Birchgrove), Sue Wilshere (Colchester Ave), Cllr Gareth Kennard-Holden, Steve Watkeys (Leckwith Droves), Terry Cooper (Forest Farm), Marion Ham, Stephanie Jones (Flaxland Ave), John R Jones (College Farm), Allan Bond (Rhydypenau), Alan McCoy (South Rise), Judith Hill (Lady Mary), John Evans (Highfields)

  1. Apologies

David Jackson, Julian Goss, Nina Ley, Penny Owens

  2.  The Minutes were agreed as a true record, there were no Matters arising.

  1.  Chairperson’s Report

Alan McCoy spoke to the Report. He confirmed that Jon Maidment (Cardiff Council) had been seconded to the running of the Volvo Round the World Race. He highlighted the improvements made over the past year and acknowledged the difficulties that still need to be addressed.

  1.  Secretary’s Report

Lynne Lewis spoke to the Report which was accepted by the Meeting.

  1.  Treasurer’s Report

The Annual Accounts were tabled; funds have reduced and the need to increase income was accepted. Appreciation was made to Francis Mullins who has stood down as Treasurer.

Dawn Gibbens asked if members had eligibility to vote if they had not paid their subscription. It was clarified that only members who are up to date with their subscription were eligible to vote under the rules. The position of small Sites in terms of financial resources was acknowledged and that the Subscription issue needs clarification.

  1.  Election of Officers

The following elections took place:

Chairperson – Cllr Gareth Holden. nominated by Terry Cooper, seconded by Roy Jones Elected unopposed.

Alan McCoy, former Chairperson, had agreed to serve as Deputy Chairperson.

Secretary – Lynne Lewis. nominated by Roy Jones, seconded by Chris Dibble Elected unopposed.

Assistant Secretary – Sue Wilshere. nominated by Steve Taylor, seconded by Steph Jones Elected unopposed with 1 abstention

Treasurer – Allan Bond nominated by Roy Jones, seconded by Steve Taylor Elected unopposed.

Assistant Treasurer – Steve Taylor. nominated by Allan Bond, seconded by Steve Watkeys Elected unopposed.

The new Committee agreed to discuss the issue of small Sites with respect to membership fees as it was felt they should not be excluded on grounds of cost when they had such limited resources.

The Date of the next Meeting is 31st January 2018.