Minutes of CAHA Ltd Members’ Meeting 11th July 2018

Apologies: Phil green, John Evans, Sam Heatley, Paul Williams and David Jackson.

Those in attendance: Julian Goss, Steve Watkeys, Judith Hill, Alan McCoy, Ian Kershyl,  Gareth Kennard-Holden.

Minutes of the meeting on June 26 were approved as a true record.

Relations with the Council.

Not much had been forthcoming from the Council except matters arising from the need for elections at Greenway Road and Pontcanna A.

Councillor Jane Henshaw has apparently raised concern about the number of empty plots.

Rosie James is reported to be seriously ill. We unanimously agreed to send her a card.

Sites have received their grants, but, in most cases, not the Secretarys’ remuneration.

We discussed the need for a proper recognition of management of works. For example, who manages repairs to fences? It can’t be adequate to put the work out to contractors without someone in Parks managing it.

Buying Consortium.

Only three people attended the last meeting. We still wish to proceed with this initiative. CAHA should email all sites with a price list. Small sites could buy from large sites, at the Consortium buying price. We could also email all concerned to show where site shops are to be found.

Social events.

We have organized a number of social events. The skittles nights and the quiz were particularly successful as social events, and also raised a little money.

We hope to organise another quiz and a couple of skittles nights in the Autumn.

Greenway Road.

The new Committee has asked for guidance in drawing up a Constitution.

The Council’s financial report shows that locks and keys were bought last year, but there seems no evidence that they’ve been distributed.

Pontcanna A

Pontcanna A has its AGM on July 29. We are encouraging them to split the Secretary’s role into several manageable chunks.


  • Interest in CAHA has declined since the grand plan to take over the running of all the sites in Cardiff has foundered. CAHA needs to return to its roots—looking after plot holders’ interests. We might well change our name, and should certainly seek a more accessible venue for meetings.
  • We need an updated list of Site Secretaries.
  • The Council must make sure that departing tenants clear their plots. If they don’t, the Council must clear them and charge the out-going tenant, as per the tenancy agreement.
  • The RHS show increased the waiting list at Birchgrove, but many had changed their minds when offered a plot.
  • Make a note: our AGM is on October 16.