Minutes of CAHA Ltd Members’ Meeting 11th March 2018


Phil Green, Judith Hill, Allan Bond, Lynne Lewis, Sue Wilshire, Paul Williams, Nina Ley. (Some of these good people were busy preparing the CAHA stall at the RHS Show two days later).

Minutes of the meeting on Jan. 15th

Were agreed as a true record.

RHS Show

This year we are being partnered by NAS. They have provided the skills of paid employees, and have paid for our insurance, etc.

We will be selling seedlings, and, in future, we would do well to offer for sale unsold stocks of seed potatoes, onions etc. that are left over in site shops.

Our CAHA volunteers might invite visitors to come and look at their nearest site, without pressure, to see what is involved in our hobby.

Feb 21st. Site Reps meeting

This was an abysmal meeting, reminiscent of Site Secretaries meetings several years ago. No items from the previous meeting had been actioned by the Council Officers. The handout resulting from the Council questionnaire survey of plot holders was of an insultingly poor quality, often illegible, and arguing that most of the problems of communication with plot holders rested with unpaid site secretaries. It is essential that we have an independent in the chair at such meetings, (this meeting was chaired by Celia’s line manager, Rosie James).

We were told that Council Officers’ failure to answer our emails was that they were prioritising replying to tweets!

Our policy should be to push forward with local management for sites in Cardiff. This seems the only way to move towards self management, which is considered normal in many parts of Wales.

Peter Bradbury

He is the Cabinet Member responsible for the Parks Dept. He had agreed to meet us on a six-monthly basis, but this meeting was postponed twice, and only Gareth was available to attend when the time of the meeting was changed once more. Nothing came out of the meeting except the agreement that future Site Reps meetings would be chaired by Councillors Jane Henshaw and Frank Jacobsen, (both being plot holders). Mr. Bradbury is open to invitations to visit sites personally.

We want sites to become self-managed, wherever appropriate. Possibly Leckwith or Colchester Avenue (the only sites on level 3 of the LMA) could become a pilot for this.

Jane Henshaw

Jane joined the meeting half-way through, as planned. As a plot holder, she was fully engaged with our concerns, and had already been initiating meetings with the relevant Council Officers, and asking pertinent questions. Our meeting gave her an account of where we stood at present. There is not much doubt that having someone sympathetic on the inside will greatly strengthen our position as CAHA.


(1) Roy Jones advised sites to involve the police when break-ins occurred. They were quite capable of chasing up the Council to get things done.

(2) Julian Goss thanked Steve Watkeys for organising a successful CAHA quiz night. It raised money for CAHA, and could well strengthen the social life of our organisation, if it should become a regular e