Minutes of CAHA Ltd Members’ Meeting 25th October 2017

Present: Allan Bond & Gareth Holden ( Rhydypenau), Alan McCoy (South Rise), John Evans (Higfields), Steve Watkeys (Leckwith Droves), John Hughes (Cowbridge Road), Judith Hill (Lady Mary), Marion Ham (Flaxland), Terry Cooper (Forest Farm), Roy Jones (Birchgrove), Sue Jones (Pontcanna Permanent), Nina Ley (Porthamal Road), Julian Goss (Colchester), Sue Harrison (Lon y Deri),Dawn Gibbens & Wayne Edmond (Lynton Terrace), Lynne Lewis (Llandaff North

1. Apologies

Paul Williams, Sue Wilshere, Phil Green, Tim Llewellyn, Teresa Williams, Melinda Russell.

2. Minutes of previous meeting and Matters arising

The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed a true and accurate record.

Matters arising:

3. Update on Meetings

Self-Management – Sites are being encouraged to have a LMA before a move to Self-Management Forest Farm have invited Peter Bradbury to visit but have had no response

CLAS – no uptake for opening Sites GH joined the meeting.

Concern was expressed about allotment land being sold if it is transferred to a charity. GH explained that a legal case in London has set a legal precedent over provision of allotments. WAG is very supportive of allotments; Cardiff has an over provision. Private sites are not protected because they are not designated under the Allotment Acts. They also charge high prices for plots.

Council sponsored teaching sessions at Colchester are going well.

Lady Mary are not opening for the National Garden Scheme in 2018, this has been postponed to 2019 to allow necessary works to be completed.

The Growing Champion Council appointment has not been ratified

GH asked that the Lynton Terrace meeting details be copied to him.

4. Growing Season

A general discussion ensued around successes or otherwise from this season. Pumpkins did well for some but not for others, whitefly was rampant, there were good crops of peas, runner beans, calabrese, aubergines & tomatoes although there was agreement that it had been a peculiar year climate wise. Mountain Magic is a blight resistant tomato variety. Liming helps brassicas & protects against club root. Potatoes grew well, sweet potatoes can be bought at reduced prices & grown in tubs. GH suggested buying a sweet potato from the supermarket, keep till it chits then plant.

5. Dates of Meetings

As discussed in previous meetings there will be a bigger gap between CAHA and Site Reps meetings.

CAHA Meetings.  Site Reps Meetings
15 January + AGM 07 February
11 April 09-May
11-Jul 08/08/2017
16/10/2017 07/11/2018


The venue will be in Llandaff North Rugby Club, Radyr Road, Llandaff North as Christchurch Hall is unavailable due to building work.

Steve Watkeys & Sue Harrison have been co-opted onto the Officers’ Committee.

Auditing of Accounts – under our Rules we do not need a professional Audit because of our low turnover.  A motion was put to the meeting that because of our low turnover we hold an internal audit by an independent person instead of a professional audit. This was carried as follows: 13 in favour, none against, 1 abstention. It was agreed to review this at each AGM. Finances: we have £715.18 cash in hand & in the bank with projected outgoings of £350.00. We need to increase our income. The National Allotment Society has offered to cover expenses for the 2017 Show & very keen to be involved for 2018. AB left the meeting.

5. Social Events

Safari Supper – was a celebratory event for the RHS Show & official thank you to all who participated. A big thank you to Highfields for hosting & being so welcoming. It was rather a wet afternoon but this didn’t dampen the enjoyment.

The Skittles Night was a great success & attracted new allotmenteers from many different Sites. It raised over £60.00.

Other fund raising suggestions made were: a Ceilidh, a Quiz Night, a Gardeners’ Question Time, a Veg Competition. Dates to be fixed well in advance.

The reason for fundraising was queried in relation to the reduction in the annual subscription. It was explained that we are stronger as an advocate if all Sites are members and the £1.00 membership will allow all Sites, including the very small, to participate in the organisation. Donations are welcomed from Sites with greater financial resources. Moreover, socialising enables Sites to meet together and provides the opportunity for those Sites who do not organise in this way. Information needs to go to plot holders via email & members are asked to circulate details to their contact lists.

6. RHS Show 2018

The National Allotment Society is keen to participate in the Show with us. A joint meeting is to be held to discuss possibilities. The RHS Work Group has already met, more volunteers are needed, please ask your members to become involved.

7. Bulk Buying Initiative

A Sub-Committee is due to meet and organise buying on a bulk basis. More details to follow.

8. Future Projects – Allotment Strategy

Meetings have been held although it does seem to be somewhat of a tick box exercise. There are no targets & no progress reports, it needs to have a new plan & be more realistic. There was a query about the current discussions and their progress to date. It was strongly felt that CAHA needs to be involved in this process so LL undertook to circulate documentation to members.The following quote was made ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got’.

9. AOB

a. John Evans (Highfields) has had problems getting bees on Site and has had no replies to his message from the Allotment Officer. If 1 house objects then it is not possible. Chickens can be kept on plots under the Acts.

b. Sue Jones (Pontcanna Permanent) has had problems with lost Termination Notices. She suggested a system of Job/Ref nos for ease of tracing & accountability. She was encouraged to send in photos of problem plots.

c. Lynton Terrace

Huge problems at Lynton Terrace, attacks, thefts, fires, broken fences. GH has organised a meeting with senior Council representatives, this has not produced the results expected by Lynton Terrace representatives who felt extremely aggrieved about the situation & lack of results.There was concern expressed about the language being used in the meeting about Council officers and a recognition that comprehensive policies and procedures are a vital necessity to prevent this type of occurrence.

Date of Next Meeting15th January 2018, in Llandaff North Rugby Club, Radyr Road, Llandaff North at 19.00.

CAHA Meetings. Site Reps Meetings