Minutes of CAHA Ltd Members’ Meeting 27/7/2016


Judith Hill (Lady Mary), Phil Green (Allensbank), Paul Williams (Heol Chappell), Steve Taylor & Lynne Lewis – Secretary (Llandaff North), Steve Watkeys (Leckwith Droves), Teresa Williams & Sue Harrison (Lon y Deri), Allan Bond & Penny Owen (Rhydypenau), John Evans (Highfields), Stephanie Jones (Flaxland Ave), Mark Bodenham (Fairwater), Huw Barrows (Fairwater), Terry Cooper (Forest Farm), Alan McCoy – Chairperson (South Rise), Julian Goss (Colchester Avenue), Ray Edwards (Pontcanna Permanent), Jenny Rathbone (Assembly Member, Cardiff Central), Cllr Gareth Holden (Allotment Champion)

  1.  Apologies

Francis Mullins, Richard Dunstone, Marion Ham, Roy Jones, Dawn Gibbens, Chris Dibble, Nina Ley

  1.  Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Mac Burrows to be added to the list of Apologies, the Minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

Matters arising

Item 5 – re Subscriptions. It was agreed to raise the annual subscription to £10.00 to help cover publicity costs and increase reserves.

  1.  LMAs

Celia has been on annual leave so the there have been delays. Colchester Ave & Llandaff North have received their monies, Lady Mary – signed Level 2

Allensbank – signed Level 1 8 Sites have signed to date

Colchester has received a water bill dated February so JG urged sites to check their bills.

To receive monies Site Associations need to have up to date Constitutions, Colchester will circulate theirs as a model if requested.

Gareth Holden joined the meeting

  1. Update on Proposal for Self-Management

The proposal was received favourably by Council representatives, the stumbling block is the water infrastructure issue. CAHA is unwilling to take on the costs of repairs to the existing framework and the Council say they do not have the money to do this. There will be no progress until this is resolved. The time pressure has ended because the plan to outsource provision has changed to an in-house model although the fundamentals of wanting to Self-manage still apply. Legal advice is that this can be done via a Community Asset Transfer which would mean consultations for each Site. Other political parties are favourable to the Proposal although the Tories are not in favour of land disposal. GH is exploring he possibility of long-term lease and will report back. It is likely that no progress will be made until the Council elections have taken place in May 2017.

Water is now the focus, Jon Maidment has been investigating & reports that a survey of all Sites would cost approx. £15/20,000. When this is completed decisions could be made re provision on each Site. There is money for infrastructure projects but applications to date have not been successful. The water issue cannot be solved without CAHA input.

Forest Farm have put forward a proposal for a bore hole as a pilot project at a cost of £5,000, there has been no response from the Council to this. Agreed to write to the Council to support this proposal.

It was further agreed to re-convene the Water Committee, TC, SJ, SW, GH, JG expressed an interest in being members. LL to contact Richard Dunstone as he did sterling work on the previous Committee.

Questionnaire Results

Francis had circulated a questionnaire to all Sites asking for information about maintenance work undertaken. The response had been very limited so members were urged to complete this as soon as possible. We need information from Sites so that we can challenge the Council on receiving value for the rents we pay. Please send this in before the next meeting.

The Progress Report was distributed and thanks expressed to Francis for its compilation.

  1.  Appointment of Officers

Mark Bodenham & Julian Goss were welcomed as Directors, the meeting was informed that Francis Mullins has indicated his decision to resign as Treasurer so a replacement will be needed at the AGM. We also need a Web Officer.

  1.  RHS Show 2017

Julian Goss introduced a proposal from one of his members, Sue Wilshere, concerning CAHA exhibiting at the Show in 2017. This would remind visitors about allotments, raise the CAHA profile and address the trend to a reduction in waiting lists. It was noted that the Council website does not always reflect the current situation re waiting lists and may put off people who want an allotment.

Jenny Rathbone described the lack of provision in Eastern Cardiff linking this to the current obesity epidemic and the consequential massive public health problem. She is trying to establish a new allotment Site and has had meetings to this end.

It was agreed to accept Sue’s proposal and establish a Working Group to progress. JH, ST, PO, SW, LL to be initial members

GH felt this is a timely issue and conformed that Katie Palmer is keen to meet with the CAHA Committee.

  1.  Role of Site Representatives

Agreed that it is important for new people in post to have information. JG said they have recently revised their roles and responsibilities and will circulate.

AMcC informed the meeting that the Council supply only the land to Sites so anything brought onto a plot is officially defined as waste. The Council will prosecute fly tipping and this is a criminal offence.

The land issue has been solved at Porthamal Road.

  1.  Break-ins

Leckwith – 38 to date. The meeting expressed its horror at this statistic.

There is a website www.immobilise.com which registers items that have an identifying number. The police use this and members were urged to register items of equipment.

  1.  AOB

Rhydypenau opened again this year for the National Garden Scheme, the event was a great success. Penny Owen encouraged other Sites to participate as it brings in volunteers, raises the profile and, not least, makes money for good causes. She suggested that other Sites open on the same day. Expressions of interest to be made end of August/September.

The meeting was informed about the sudden sad death of Dave Jenkins, the Clerk of Works. Condolences were expressed by all present.

Judith Hill had an incident on Site which required running water from a tap and there wasn’t one available. Members were urged to check their first aid provision and potable water availability.

  1.  Date of next meeting 26th October 2016

Christchurch Hall is to be refurbished from 2017, Judith Hill will confirm arrangements in due course.