Minutes of CAHA Members’ Meeting on 26th April 2017


Allen Bond (Rhydypenau), Rachel Morgan, Steve Taylor, Lynne Lewis (Llandaff North), Tim Llewellyn (PPAA), Rob Pickford (Highfields, sub for John Evans), Robert Peppiatt, Mark Bodenham (Fairwater), Steve Watkeys (Leckwith Droves), Julian Goss (Colchester), John Roberts (Llanishen), Judith Hill (Lady Mary), Sue Harrison, Teresa Williams (Lon y Deri), Nina Ley ( Porthamal Road), Melinda Russell (Pengam Permanent), Allan McCoy (South Rise), Cllr Gareth Holden

  1. Apologies

Phil Green, David Jackson, Marion Ham, Paul Williams, Chris Dibble, Terry Cooper, Sue Wilshere, Dawn Gibbens, Paul Caruana, John Evans

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting Agreed as correct.

Matters arising

GH spoke with Adrien Jones (Council) who conformed Section 106 monies have to be decided by the Council. AJ has met with Steve Watkeys & this was confirmed.

3. LMAs

Payments have been made to Rhydypenau (less received), South Rise (received same as previous year), Leckwith (received more) & Lon-y-Deri/Birchgrove.

Colchester, Llandaff North, Pontcanna Permanent & Lady Mary have not yet received their monies.

4. RHS Stand & Questionnaire Results

The Stand at the RHS Show was an outstanding success, visited by many people from the allotment community in Cardiff & further afield. Grateful thanks were expressed to all who had contributed to the achievement from the CAHA Community and to Sue Wilshere for the original suggestion.

Costs were covered thanks to the generous donations from larger Sites as well as public donations of £82.42. Very good feedback was received and although hard work was well worth it to have a presence and advertise allotments.

Rachel Morgan (Llandaff North) described the Questionnaire carried out at the Show & detailed the results. These were overwhelmingly positive, the average length of time to have an allotment is 8years & the longest held was 58 years. 90% of people said they wished to keep their allotment until they die. The average time spent on an allotment is 10 hours per week. Among the benefits of having an allotment scores were all up above 80% especially for mental health issues.

Thanks were expressed to Rachel for her hard work & presentation.

The discussion ranged over different points:

  • the age profile of allotmenteers, more young people are taking plots how to incorporate the findings into the Allotment Strategy
  • how to continue to raise the profile of allotments after the successful Show Stand. Suggestions were Stands at Farmers’ Markets, Supermarkets (may be problematical), Garden Centres
  • the need to check on the uptake of plots after the Show how to advertise allotments on the new Council website

5. Members Subscriptions

This subject has been discussed at great length by the Committee who are proposing that the Annual Subscription be set at £1.00 which would not exclude small Sites from being members. Representing all Sites in Cardiff enables CAHA to be a truly representative voice & stronger as a result. Donations towards costs would always be welcome from those Sites which have more funds. Sites which have already paid this year could have a refund if desired.

SW asked how costs would be covered. GH explained that the Committee is keen to explore fund raising activities & income streams that would cover outgoings. Annual costs are in the region of £400 which is not a huge amount.

The meeting agreed the proposal.

6. Insurance

GH is exploring Liability Insurance for CAHA Ltd which would cover all Sites in Cardiff. Collective insurance could save money for Sites & raise money for CAHA. It was agreed for GH to pursue this.

7. Update on Buying Consortium Meeting

This went well & was thought to be very positive. It is hoped that larger Sites will be able to help smaller Sites with cheaper goods. RM asked about priorities on wildlife approaches & this is being taken into consideration. Also hoped that significant reductions in price via bulk buying could result in a proportion of the monies going to CAHA to boost funds.

Shops on Sites

There is a Shop on Pontcanna Permanent Site which is run by independent people with no money going to the Site Association. GH has received information from the National Association that this is not legal under the terms of the Allotment Acts and needs to be addressed. Currently this is under consideration by the Council.

If an Association, at its AGM, elects someone to run a shop who receives a small consideration e.g Colchester, this is acceptable as the profits go to the Association.

8. Fundraising

Numerous ideas were discussed, the favourites being Skittles & Ceilidhs.

The National Garden Scheme opening at Rhydypenau is another way to raise awareness of allotments & funds although the main purpose of the opening is for the monies to go to charity.

GH is happy to lead on fund raising.

9. Communication

At GH’s last meeting with officers as Council Champion, the following items were discussed:

  • Timing of meetingsCouncil Officers requested a longer time gap between the CAHA Meeting & the Site Reps Meeting to give them more time to address priority issues raised by CAHA. Site Reps meetings would move to a slightly later date as well. This was felt to be an improvement and agreed.
  • Procedures

Rosie James acknowledged the need for more Procedures with regard to allotments.


10. Priority Issues

JH described difficulties with double booking of a plot exacerbated by Celia Hart’s prolonged absence. GH suggested an email copied to Jon Maidment, Rosie James & Celia Hart.

RP has spare plots at Colchester, people have been told there is a 5year waiting list, this needs to be addressed as it is definitely not the case.

Llandaff North – no water in the shop, rats & asbestos on Site PPAA – asbestos, in the ground

Fairwater – water leaks, security issues because of the fence Llanishen – asbestos which has never been collected Colchester – asbestos

Lady Mary – an issue with a plot that was given permission to be incorporated into a neighbouring garden. There is a lengthy legal process addressing this.

Porthamal – communication re a poly tunnel, no maintenance of brambles, a frustrating situation.

JG left the meeting.

Pengam Permanent- thefts & fly tipping a a result of problems with the lock on the gate Rhydypenau – security, potholes, fly tipping, maintenance of brick cubicles

10. AOB

  • Following the Council Election there will probably be a new Council Champion. Matt Wakelman, Council Operations Manager, has planters for installation in the City.
  • SW has spare plants if required.

12. Date of next Meeting

Wednesday 26th July at 00pm.