Who are we?…

…Cardiff Allotment Holders Association (CAHA) Ltd is a voluntary group, independent of the Council, representing the interests of allotment sites and tenants across the City and County of Cardiff.

All Council allotment sites in Cardiff are invited to join us, with sites being typically represented by either the Site Secretary or a senior member of their committee. Meetings are held four times a year.

Our aims are:

  • To protect the interests of Cardiff’s allotment sites and its tenants.
  • To review how the landlord’s management of its allotments is working, and to lobby for improvements and changes.
  • To assist the landlord in reviewing its allotments policy and practices.
  • To provide a forum to exchange the experiences of allotment sites for mutual help, and to identify common issues to be taken forward.
  • To publicise allotment-related opportunities and events